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Meet Our Summer Campaign Model: Clémentine Desseaux

Meet Our Summer Campaign Model: Clémentine Desseaux

Fitting that our Summer campaign model hails from Miami—the city that inspired the collection. French-born Clémentine Desseaux is hoping to change the conversation happening in the industry right now. From instilling confidence to championing diversity, we’d follow this model, and her pup Baguette, anywhere. Read more about her years modeling, Miami hotspots, and more.


Name: Clémentine Desseaux 


IG Handle: @bonjourclem 


Where do you live? Miami and NYC


Favorite restaurant/dish in Miami? Aye! That’s hard! Palma @eat.palma 


IG Account(s) you follow for Inspo: @dessodesigns @lisagachet @rototo @eliou__



What inspires you? Women, jungle, tile, dogs, water


What does a typical day at work look like?

There’s no typical day for me. That’s what I love about my life the most. Somedays I redo a kitchen for a design client, someday I am at the pool with my dog Baguette all day, some days I travel cross country for a photoshoot—my favorite days though are those I spend with my Baguette. 


How did you get your start in modeling?

I was curious about the impact that seeing myself through others’ eyes could have on my self confidence. That’s where it all started. 


Piece of advice for your younger self / One thing you wish you knew when you were first starting out?

So much about the industry, about what’s needed to be a working model, and about finances—that’s why I started @miamimodelworkshop, I wanna help models navigating this crazy industry. 



What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your industry?

I hate how superficial and self-important it can all be…we’re not saving lives. 


What makes you feel empowered?

Living to the fullest, knowing I have no regrets and empowering others. 


What is one of your biggest successes so far?

Managing to be a full time working model for 12 years! 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Splashing around my pool with my husband, kids, and Baguette hopefully! 



What’s your go-to Spotify Playlist?

These are my go-to.


What is your fashion uniform?

Summer dress and slides in Miami, all black in NYC. 


In what ways do you believe the fashion and modeling industry can empower girls and women?

By showing diversity, acceptance, and promoting representation. It’s been failing as a whole mostly but some brands, people, and publication are doing a great job at moving the needle forward


What do you wear to feel hot on a date or girls night out? 

Ideally nothing, but if I have to, something comfortable, Nuxe body oil, no make-up, and some linen mix garment.  


What is your favorite summer activity in Miami? 

Wave jumping. 

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