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Our Founders

Seasoned Fashion Director Marina Larroudé brings her diverse expertise as editor, product developer, and entrepreneur to consumers in an innovative way. Together with her husband, financier and business operator Ricardo Larroudé, they conceptualized Larroudé in 2020. With the consumer and community, never compromising on design, fit, and quality, Larroudé continues to deliver.

What we believe

We believe fashion is here to bring that sparkle and fantasy to our daily lives. Just have fun with it—get the print, don’t overthink it, wear it over and over, year after year. Fashion brings us joy, we hope Larroudé passes that joy along to you, too.


With a goal of reaching one million pairs sold annually, we vertically integrated by opening our very own 15,000 square foot Larroudé factory in Sapiranga, with room for manufacturing, logistics, and administrative offices—accounting for nearly half of all production.


We continue to strive to do more and better for those that work with us. We’ll always push for true transparency and ask for audits to confirm that the factory continues to meet our standards, ensuring workers’ rights, comprehensive employee benefits, and growth opportunities for those that help bring Larroudé to life.


Certified by the Leather Working Group, the tanneries we work with are as committed to sustainable practices as we are, focused on reducing their environmental impact as we continue to collaborate. We even developed the “Larroudé cloud” for our customer, using revolutionary foams with high footprint cushioning to minimize the discomfort and fatigue associated with traditional footwear.


Our factory is responsible for the disposal of all industrial waste and takes active measures to reduce any environmental pollution, ensuring proper, while our packaging is made of 100% recyclable material.