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Festival Season Style 2024

Festival Season Style 2024

While the Oscars reign as the pinnacle of red carpet fashion, festival season emerges as the ultimate playground for Summer style. As we anticipate a circuit that includes everything from Coachella to Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza, we've set out to discover the trends that embody festival style. Drawing inspiration from both high fashion runways and the city streets, we've curated a mix of on-trend looks with our shoes taking center stage.

Vintage Americana 

 The vintage Americana aesthetic evokes the timeless allure of iconic retro styles. Rooted in nostalgia and heritage, this aesthetic celebrates the classic silhouettes: rugged denim, rustic plaids, and timeless lace accents with Victorian-inspired detail. With a nod to the spirit of adventure and exploration, it captures the essence of the open road, small-town charm, and the rugged landscapes of the American heartland.



Fairycore is a whimsical style inspired by nature and fantasy, characterized by soft, flowing silhouettes, ruffles, delicate fabrics, and pastel hues. It embraces floral and nature-inspired motifs with accessories like flower crowns and enchanting jewelry. Layering and incorporating natural elements into the look creates depth, inviting wearers to embrace the magic of imagination.


Dark Femininity

One word: seduction. Dark femininity achieves just that, with dark hues, intricate lace details, leather, and silver accents. The influence of TikTok trends like "whimsigoth" and a resurgence of 90’s pop culture have brought this look further into the forefront. A playful yet dark twist to fashion, the moody aesthetic leans heavily on the resurgence of 90’s pop culture, tapping into the rebellious spirit of the era’s iconic grunge look.

Sporty Chic

While the “clean girl” and “old money” aesthetics are familiar to us all, “sporty chic” takes a different route, merging athletic wear with trendy components to craft adaptable ensembles ideal for all-day activities. It emphasizes sleek outlines, breathable materials, and sporty accents, all paired with tailored or structured items for a harmonious look—vibrant hues take center stage, complemented by accessories such as sunglasses and crossbody bags for a touch of urban flair.

 Tory Burch Polo Top, Zara SkirtLarroudé Margot Wedge, Le Specs Sunglasses, Clare V Tote Bag

The Western Way

Nowadays, you’re more likely to spot someone in cowboy boots compared to just a few years back, and it's got nothing to do with where you are. Thanks to the Western craze and the new TikTok trends like “coastal cowgirl” and “cowboycore,” 2024 is shaping up to be the year of the rodeo—not to mention Beyonce’s new record-shattering album Cowboy Carter and Bella Hadid hard launching her relationship with her equestrian boyfriend at a literal rodeo. Enter plenty of denim-on-denim looks, touches of suede and leather, and timeless Western accessories that will be in full effect come festival season.


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