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In the mood for love? We have an idea.

In the mood for love? We have an idea.


In anticipation of Valentine’s Day—and in the spirit of self-love—we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our exclusive partnership with WOMANIZER ™. One of the leading names in the self-care industry, WOMANIZER ™ is a fan favorite because of the way they embrace solo sex as self-love and talk openly about masturbation—it isn’t and shouldn’t be taboo! For a limited-time only, you’ll receive the Liberty by Lily Allen WOMANIZER ™ with your Larroudé purchase. Designed by singer Lily Allen, the travel-size hot pink style is super chic, and the brightest and boldest way to celebrate self-love with a contact-free clitoral stimulation. We chose them because WOMANIZER ™ aims to bring women joy and more of what they want, and so do we! And in a year of isolation, self-love has never felt more important. 


You Showed Us Love!

Thanks to you (and your purchases), we’ve sold out of the Liberty by Lily Allen WOMANIZER™. 

The message? Self-love is here to stay!

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