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Making A Change 

Making A Change 


Partnering with Fashion Makes Change for International Women’s Day


We created Larroudé because we believe women deserve better—exceptional products, more opportunities, fewer barriers, and equal access. It’s a fight we’re here for. For you, us, we, all. We will never back down.

It’s why we’re so thrilled to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day as an official partner of Fashion Makes Change (a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors). We’re so passionate about how they’re rallying the fashion industry to empower women and build resilient communities. As a partner, we’ve been able to support them in their mission of creating a more sustainable future by empowering and educating women in supply chain communities.

With Larroudé shoes produced in Brazil, we’re so proud to support their commitment to educating women around the world. We’re in such good company with our partner and can’t wait to see the effects that Fashion Makes Change can have.

For International Women’s Day, Larroudé is proud to donate $10 from every order to Fashion Makes Change to help them in their efforts.


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