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Fashion Consultant

Fashion Consultant

Romney Leader days, Romney Jacob is always one step ahead. When she’s not forecasting trends as president of Threadsight, she’s multi-tasking as the mom of two young boys. Whether she’s hitting the tennis court or driving carpool, Romney always delivers style and perspective all her own.


First of all: how are you doing? 
I am doing good! There's been an energy shift over the past few feels like we are collectively turning a corner. It feels hopeful. I'm looking forward to spring more than ever this year! 
If you could send a DM to your younger self, what would it be?
The universe is rigged in your favor. Trust that it will all work out. Wear the damn sunscreen. 
What is your first memorable shoe buying experience? Where were you, what did you buy and how did you feel?
I was on the track team in 8th grade. That year, Nike debuted the now-iconic Air Max 95, which was a watershed moment for sneaker design and the performance running category. I obviously didn't comprehend any of that significance at the time...I just thought they were REALLY cool and I HAD to have them. I eventually convinced my mom that they were essential for my athletic career. I don't think they ever did anything to improve my mile time, but they were my first experience being swept up by a brand hype machine. I love those feelings - excitement, awe, desire - that a perfect product can evoke. I'm still driven by those impulses today.
What brings you joy lately?
Seeing how excited my kids are to be in their school buildings. The opportunity to ski gets me through the winter months. Also being able to enjoy Nobu's sushi again, now that they have reopened. 
What is your secret dream (post pandemic, of course)?
To have a globe-traveling gap year with my family. 
Favorite room in your house during quarantine?
Any room that doesn't have another member of my family also in it. 
Any WFH hacks you’ve discovered?
I guess it's the opposite of a hack, but for me I'm much more productive and fulfilled if I treat the day the same as a work-from-office day (waking up early, exercising, reading the news, putting an outfit together, etc)
What have you been cooking during this period? Any recipe you want to share?
I've been ordering a lot of takeout, or as I justify it to my husband, I've been working tirelessly to save our local restaurants.  
Books? Netflix? What do you recommend?
Loved the French mystery thriller series Lupin; also Promising Young Woman. Audrey Audrain's The Push and Abigail Dean's Girl A were both haunting and beautifully written. 
Favorite insta accounts to follow right now?
I'm much more entertained on TikTok these days (not that I have any idea how to create my own content)

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