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Chief Merchandising Officer

Chief Merchandising Officer

Annie Chen

With impeccable style and discerning taste, Anne Chen has been a treasured co-worker and collaborator. From developing the Barneys New York collection side by side with Marina to traveling together to the shows in Europe, Annie’s proven herself to be a trusted companion. The inspiration for the Jordan Boot, Annie’s smart, tough, and makes magic wherever she is—including now in her new role as Chief Merchandising Officer at Bandier.


First of all: how are you doing? 
I feel very grateful as my parents have both just been fully vaccinated.  Other than that I am a little stir crazy but trying to channel my energy into fun things to look forward to. I just planned a family trip to Jackson Hole for this summer - our first trip together in over a decade!  
If you could send a DM to your younger self, what would it be?
(cue Bob Marley) Don't worry about a thing...'cause every little thing gonna be alright! 
What is your first memorable shoe buying experience? Where were you, what did you buy and how did you feel?
I splurged on a pair of Marc Jacobs collection heels to wear to my college graduation.  I won't tell you what year that was haha but this was peak Marc Jacobs.  They were kitten heels with silver crossover straps and a lucite star accent at the toe.  I still have them somewhere, I can't part with them because they are a part of my life and fashion history!
What brings you joy lately?
Interior design! I've become a real Pinterest and Instagram junkie, it's a new form of retail therapy for me. Lately I'm really inspired by organic shapes, cozy textures, and graphic rugs.
What is your secret dream (post pandemic, of course)?
This is humble but fly to NYC to get highlights, see my friends, meet my new team in person, and eat at my favorite restaurants (not necessarily in that order!).  Or really, to go on the Australia trip I had to cancel last year which I'm stlll dreaming about...
Favorite room in your house during quarantine?
Outside!  It's so important to make it a habit to leave the house.  A friend also told me recently that it's good for your circadian rhythm and sleep to be outside in the morning so I try to drink coffee outdoors between my meetings.
Any WFH hacks you’ve discovered?
 This is dorky, but I bought a standing desk and i love it.  I try to use it for up to half the day, and I find that I feel better and less tired.  I also set an alarm for 4pm everyday as a reminder to go on a walk; sometimes I also use that time to call and catch up with a friend. 
What have you been cooking during this period? Any recipe you want to share?
Last night I made Chrissy Teigan's chipotle honey chicken with mango avocado salsa. I am that person who literally almost starved to death in the beginning of the pandemic, so I have to say I've come quite far. I also love making Jon and Vinny's spicy fusilli a la vodka!
Books? Netflix? What do you recommend?
I'm currently reading Originals by Adam Grant.  I also loved Bob Iger's The Ride of a LIfetime and My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh for fiction.  I just watched Ted Lasso which was pretty funny and also binged some of the Golden Globe movie nominees including Nomadland and The Trial of the Chicago Seven, both of which I recommend.
Favorite insta accounts to follow right now?
@bandier of course!  But also @itsmetinx is really cracking me up lately.

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