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Editor, Writer, Brand Consultant

Editor, Writer, Brand Consultant


Alexis Brunswick

After meeting as assistants in their early editorial days in New York, Alexis and Marina were set on intertwining career paths. Fifteen years later, Alexis is back in Los Angeles, where she continues to write (as co-author of Fashion in L.A.), contributes to, and advise brands, Larroudé now among them.


First of all, how are you doing? 
I’m doing well. Everyone is healthy and I’ve been trying to appreciate the importance of slowing down right now. It’s been a time to reconnect, re-evaluate, and refocus on what actually matters.
If you could send a DM to your younger self, what would it be?
Trust the process. And know that things get (even) better with age.
Describe your first memorable shoe-buying experience? Where were you, what did you buy, and how did you feel?
I was in grade school and desperately wanted a pair of lug sole Dr. Martens to wear with my uniform. I was maybe 8 at the time so it took a lot of convincing, but I’ll never forget just how good it felt the first time I wore them on campus. It’s hard to overstate the confidence a good shoe can deliver.


How do you feel about being in the first group of women featuring Larroudé?
It’s a real full circle moment. I first met Marina when we were both assistants at Condé Net, working in a small back office where we became fast friends. Over the years, she’s been unwavering in her support, and I’m so happy to be a part of this latest endeavor—and to be working side by side once again.
What brings you joy lately? 
Reading, cooking, meditative walks, and nearly anything outdoors.
What is your secret dream (post-pandemic, of course)? 
Travel and celebrate all good things with friends near and far.



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