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Co-Founder Larroudé

Co-Founder Larroudé

Ricardo Larroudé

A financier and business operator by trade, Ricardo Larroudé has always had the mind of a tireless entrepreneur. On a RV road trip with his family, Ricardo and Marina conceived the company they'd always dreamed of launching. He always wanted to build a dynamic place to nurture talented people, now he is creating his own, bringing his ingenuity and tenacity to the table.


First of all, how are you doing? 
I'm great, 2020 has been a change year. Driving cross country, twice, and building an innovative business in the middle of the pandemic required me to operate at a much higher frequency. I really like the results, but would very much enjoy a few days by the beach. I took a trip to Israel right before this mess started, that helped me carry through the pandemic. Being in Jerusalem was incredible, I could feel some of our biggest discussions happening, that gave me perspective.
If you could send a DM to your younger self, what would it be?
Keep watching the movies, listening to music, and reading your books. They are good for you.
Describe your first memorable shoe-buying experience? Where were you, what did you buy, and how did you feel?
When I was about 7 or 8 years old and I had broken my leg playing soccer with my brother. After the doctor removed my cast, my mother and I went to the shopping mall and after a lot of research (and logic) we decided on Converse Chuck Taylor Hightops, for ankle support. Back to the Future was released that same year, and those were Marty McFly’s sneakers as well. I want to go back to the future.
What brings you joy lately? (books, recommendations, yoga, shopping, etc)
My poker game with friends. We started this monthly in-person game back in 2019, but when the first lockdown happened we had to figure out a way to play online. The solution was playing through an app on our phones and dialing into a Zoom meeting. As we got isolated in our homes we started doing them weekly. Waking up hungover on Fridays without having left the house was a new thing for me! We play Omaha, which is more volatile version of Texas Holdem. The best part is seeing and trash talking each other. 
What is your secret dream (post-pandemic, of course)? 
A secret is a secret. 

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