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A Creative

A Creative


Tina Leung

A fixture of street style photography, Tina Leung grew up between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, where she developed her individual aesthetic and desire to be a stylist. Now, the New York based-Leung regularly collaborates with luxury brands, who are drawn to her singular eye and “everything goes” aesthetic.


First of all, how are you doing? 
With so many highs and lows in this most ‘interesting’ of year, I am so grateful for everything that I have, especially for my friends and family.  
If you could send a DM to your younger self, what would it be?
Stop listening to your inner critic and trust yourself! 
Describe your first memorable shoe-buying experience? Where were you, what did you buy, and how did you feel?
I have no idea the brand, but it is forever ingrained in my memory, my aunt took me to Lane Crawford when I was visiting Hong Kong around 8 or 9. She let me choose whichever shoes I wanted! They were purple and in suede and the fanciest shoes I had at that time. Maybe my first fashionable purchase ever and from my aunt who was ever so chic. 
How do you feel about being in the first group of women featuring Larroudé?
So honored! Thank you!!
What brings you joy lately? 
Food always brings me the most joy. Food and friends! Walking along the West Side Highway always brings me peace. Watching movies and tv shows in bed with snacks to end the day is the ultimate happiness! 
What is your secret dream (post-pandemic, of course)? 
Not so secret, but to eat with abandon and never gain a single pound!

 Tina Leung models The Kate Boot in Crocodile Embossed Leather.

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