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The Legendary Heidi Klum

The Legendary Heidi Klum

How Heidi Klum Rocked Our Boots–Not One, But Two Ways.

There are so many things to say—and ways to describe—Heidi Klum’s style. Since her earliest days modeling, she’s given us every reason to admire her looks. In the hands of super stylists @marielhaenn and @robzangardi, Heidi Klum regularly sports head-turning looks that are styled around a singular standout. Here, the JF Boot was the perfect choice to carry Heidi around town—timeless, bold, and classically chic, just like her. 


Look 1: 

In this look, Heidi Klum wears the JF boots in one of our very favorite ways: with a skirt so that they have their own moment to shine. Klum's innate ability to take a classic wardrobe staple like these JF boots and interpret them in a fresh and exciting way like this (hello, Dries!), is a testament to her enduring fashion prowess. 


Look 2:

Talk about a power move. This head-to-toe full red look reflects Klum’s longstanding eye-catching style. Scrunching down the leather on the shaft—like Fisher, herself does—the styling stands out as a simple, yet effective way to showcase the boot, and draw all eyes to these conversation starters.

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