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Caroline Ribeiro Q&A

Caroline Ribeiro Q&A

Caroline Ribeiro is just about as big as it gets. Not only is she a native of Brazil, like our founders Marina and Ricardo, but she’s also one of the most recognizable faces in fashion, gracing too many magazine covers and campaigns to count. We couldn’t have been more excited to bring Caroline to our own factory in her native Brazil, and talk to her about what shooting in her home country meant to her.


What was it like to shoot in a factory in your home country of Brazil?

Well, being here at the shoe factory is amazing because it’s my first time working in this business in a really long time. But, it’s also my first time in a shoe factory like this, so it's amazing to see how the magic happens.



How do you like the south of Brazil?

In the beginning, being in the South was really hard because I'm from the North and the country is completely different. I fell in love with it because my husband was raised here, so I have family now in the south that I was introduced to, so it’s in my heart. I love it here and now know how to pronounce the words they say, it’s really cute. I even know some music from here so it is part of my family now.


What is your biggest career moment?

Well my biggest career moment, I think, was when I met Tom Ford and I did the Gucci Campaign back in the day. He was someone who believed in me and made my career happen, and then Steven Meisel was someone that really supported me through the years.



What is your ideal shoe?

I love wearing sneakers and flats because it is more comfortable, but high heels are the best. Those are like the ideal shoe that makes every woman sexy and secure.


What is your first shoe memory?

Oh my god, my first shoe memory is really really wanting to have boots. I am from North Brazil and we don't have boots because it is really hot and warm there, so I didn’t really need boots but I made my mom buy me boots on one of her trips to São Paulo, and she made me the happiest kid ever. Having those boots is my first memory ever of wanting a shoe.


What is your favorite international fashion moment?

Well my favorite international fashion moments are any time I travel. Each time I meet a new team, it’s a different experience and I think it’s always good to meet new people. With age, I’ve come to understood how grateful I really was for being able to travel around the world, meeting new people and discovering new places.



Do you miss the fashion runways?

I love fashion runways, and I love walking a runway. I know I'm not there anymore, and it’s not for me anymore, so it’s fun to go back. But, I don't see myself doing it the same way as I used to do when I was in my twenties.


Best career advice?

The best career advice I’ve ever received is to really know people, like what you do, and don’t do it just for the fame or for the money. Do it because you like it and love the work, and then you are going to be happy and do well in your job. You have to be prepared for difficult times but know that you are going to grow with them as well, so keep your mind open and your feet on the ground.



See more from Carol Ribeiro on his Instagram @caropita

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