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The History of Clogs – Fall ’22 Trend

The History of Clogs – Fall ’22 Trend



We’ve never met a clog we didn’t like, but they have a long history that pre-dates our love affair with the easy, seasonless style. Dating back to the 13th century, the clog shape was originally designed in the Netherlands to protect the feet of factory workers, farmers, fisherman, and those in trade jobs with a style that anatomically fit the foot and relieved any pressure. By the time the Industrial Revolution hit, clogs were popularized throughout Europe, even becoming the origin of clog dancing, when workers would pass the time by tapping the wooden heels of their shoes to create rhythm and music.


The clogs we know and love date back to the ‘70s, when the style got a retro spin thanks to the fancy footwork of Swedish supergroup ABBA, who even released their very own line. Absolutely epic.  And it’s easy to see why the style has endured—they’re easy to slide on and off, have the fit of a slipper with the durability of your favorite, well-heeled pair. With a rounded toe shape and minimal adornments or flourishes, the shoe elevates any style with ease and elegance.

Get the look with our very own Miso Clog.

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