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The Daisy Drop Campaign Stars: Sheila

The Daisy Drop Campaign Stars: Sheila

Sheila Y is the older of our two High Summer campaign models. Originally from Jamaica, she moved to the United States in 1965 with a dream to open up a bakery with her husband. They ended up living in Brooklyn where her dream became a reality. The bakery was so successful that they opened another location, and she’s been in New York ever since. These days, when she’s not playing bingo at the senior center or watching movies with her friends, she does photoshoots with her grandson in her apartment. They started as a fun way to spend time together, but she quickly realized she really enjoys being in front of the camera.




Below, Sheila sits down with Larroudé to talk all things High Summer, working on the campaign, and of course, her best style tips. 


Describe Larroudé’s High Summer collection with one word.

I can’t describe the collection in just one word. It’s fun, chic, and colorful!


What was your favorite part of shooting this campaign?

My favorite part was getting to work with such amazing and kind people. The whole team was so welcoming. It felt like I was doing a photoshoot with friends.


How did it feel to shoot with a fellow model of a different generation?

I feel extremely fortunate to be able to model with Chen. Having two Asian women of different ages represented in a campaign makes me very happy.


Larroudé’s motto is “You. Us. We. All.” What does inclusive fashion mean to you?

Inclusive fashion, to me, is making clothes, shoes, etc. that can be worn by all different types of people of all ages.


What advice would you give someone who wants to be more adventurous with their style, but hesitates because of their age?

Age doesn’t matter. Wear whatever makes you happy.




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