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The Fashion Insider Who Wants Clothes to Bring Joy

The Fashion Insider Who Wants Clothes to Bring Joy


By Andrew Nguyen

Marina Larroudé spent 20 years in the fashion industry in director roles at, Teen Vogue, and Barney’s. Still, she always dreamed about doing her own thing. After losing her job early last year, she knew it was time to make the leap. Gathering a bunch of her creative friends, she launched her eponymous brand, Larroudé.


There’s something a little bit Gossip Girl about Larroudé’s offerings: party shoes, brightly colored clutches, a few jeans made in partnership with the denim brand CQY. The aesthetic is meant to be fun, uncomplicated, and welcoming in accordance with the brand’s motto: You. Us. We. All. “Everyone is welcome to share our story,” she told the Cut.


For her shoes, Larroudé wanted to create a solid foundation of items that people can wear regardless of current trends: the perfect ballet flats, the perfect stiletto boot, and the perfect strappy sandal. From there, she played with colors, unexpected prints, and materials — like an electric-blue mule in patent leather with a cutesy daisy print. She says her goal is “for the clients to express themselves in Larroudé and to make it their own.”


The Cut spoke with Larroudé about taking fashion risks, her cross-country RV trip, and the shoes she wears most often.

The Lee Flat


What’s one shoe you’ve designed that’s especially meaningful to you?
The Lee flats are named after style icon Lee Radziwill. They are my go-to’s for every day. The design is perfect, and the quality is outstanding. They’re super comfortable due to the memory foam in the insole. I walk everywhere, so they are my walking shoes! My goal was to design an elevated but casual, comfortable shoe that I could wear daily and not get sick of them.


How do you thank someone for a gift?
I know this is rude, but I usually send a text or email. My friends are pretty casual, and I like the efficiency of thanking easily when receiving.


What would you never wear?
I’m a risk-taker and a fashion lover. Therefore, I’m very open to new trends and ideas. In fashion, I learned young to never say never.


What’s your dream vacation?
An RV trip. This past summer, my family and I did an RV road trip from New York to L.A. and back to New York — 33 days in total, visiting 17 states and multiple national parks. It was the best trip ever. It’s well-documented on my Instagram if anyone is curious to see how beautiful America is from coast to coast. We are planning our next one. This time we will be doing North to South (and sideways). Needless to say, we are all counting the days.


What’s a good book on your coffee table right now?
Currently on my coffee table and nightstands: Promised Land by Barack Obama, HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style by Elizabeth Holmes, and Think Again by Adam Grant.


Last show you binge-watched?


What’s your guilty pleasure?
Nips caramel candy and popcorn. I can’t stop!


Secret to hosting a good party?
Lots of bubbles, a good playlist, and being informal. Have people feel “at home,” literally.


What is a trend that you like right now?
Monochrome outfits.


One you don’t understand?
The whole VSCO-girl thing.


Favorite restaurant in New York?
Bar Pitti.


What’s the one thing you could eat everyday for the rest of your life?


Shoes you wear most often?
A tie between our Cali slides and the Lee flats.


What are five inanimate objects that bring you joy?

“I adore flowers, but I hate that they don’t last. Popup Florist is my go-to. Their dried flower arrangements last forever. They are whimsical, unique, and pretty. Oh, and $5 of each bouquet sold goes to Food Bank for New York City. Can it get any better?”


 La Ligne Marin Sweater | $295

“I just can’t get enough of them. Every fall I get a couple. They are so cozy and last forever. I live in them. It’s my daily uniform.”


Sporty & Rich Rizzoli Printed Cotton Jersey Track Pants | $150

“I love Emily’s aesthetic, and everything she does with the brand. Each drop I want something new. She knows how to create desire.”

As seen in The CUT.

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