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Stylist Files: Kate Young

Stylist Files: Kate Young



If you're entrenched in the world of celebrity fashion, you've heard the name Kate Young. The New York-based stylist is the mastermind behind iconic looks worn by Selena Gomez, Julianne Moore, and Dakota Johnson, whom she recently styled in our Madonna mule. In other words, her Instagram contains all the outfit inspiration you could ever need.
Below, Young discusses her outlook on styling, her favorite Larroudé shoes, and the importance of comfortable footwear. We're taking notes.
Describe your styling philosophy in one word.
We loved seeing Dakota Johnson in the Madonna for the Today Show! What was the inspiration for that look?
We loved that that look felt business-y but also summery, fun and sexy.  The shoes had the same vibe.
What's your current favorite Larroudé shoe? How would you style it on a client?
I love the one that Dakota wore — the color and shape feel just right.
What's one footwear styling tip you think everyone should know?
Make sure you can walk in them! Nothing kills a look more than a hobbling walk. Shoes should make you feel good!

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