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The Best Gift Ideas for People Who Stubbornly Swear They ‘Don’t Want Anything’

The Best Gift Ideas for People Who Stubbornly Swear They ‘Don’t Want Anything’


By Mia Maguire and Summer Cartwright

Whether it’s your dad who tells you he just wants quality time with the family for his holiday gift or your shopping-obsessed BFF who literally has everything, we all know someone who claims they don’t want anything for holidays year after year. While it would most certainly be fair to obey their wishes and show up empty-handed (or maybe with a sweet card and candy) to your holiday gathering, the fact of the matter is that most of us don’t feel comfortable without at least something tangible in tow to give to that stubborn giftee in question.


Every year, I bring either a bottle of nice wine or a pair of cozy socks to give my dad for Christmas, dodging the investigative guesswork it would take to figure out what he’s actually coveting, but this “tradition” of ours recently prompted me to do some further research to find out safe and thoughtful gift options for anyone who says there’s nothing on their wish list. Of course, many of the gift ideas I’ve rounded up below will work reasonably well for those giftees on your list whom you don’t know super well (i.e. your new S.O.’s mom, your boss, or a distant relative that you really only see once a year). But there are also more intimate items like a wow-worthy sex toy on the list that will shock and aw your besties.

Erin Clutch In Black Stamped Leather


A Clutch Fit For a First Lady

This is a statement gift for the leading lady in your life. This wear-anywhere clutch is so chic, Jill Biden carried it with her when she met the Queen of England, of all people!

As seen in Stylecaster.

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