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How To Curate the Perfect Sandal Collection for the Summer

How To Curate the Perfect Sandal Collection for the Summer

The Only 5 Sandals You Need.

Our summer collections have always been designed to keep a girl covered in all ways. Whether it be a sandal for the beach, a sexy vacation, or just running to work in the sweltering heat, we have your feet (semi) covered. Here is what you'll need, an everyday go-to, a cute flat, a trusty beach, a kitten and of course something special.

The Go-To Girl

Sandals are an obvious must-have for summer. But, if you’re going to buy just one, it’s this one. The Milan is so versatile and can take you from work to the beach.

The Flat

The Flora is the minimal flat to go with your entire summer wardrobe. Pick a color, and let it be the staple for your summer closet.

The Beach

After much as we like to call "market-research" the editors here at Larroudé believe a back strap is necessary for beach sandals. Walking in the sand is no easy feat, so the "sports-mode strap" helps with the sandals staying on while tracking through the sand.

The Kitten

Trendy or timeless, we don't care what your take is, kitten heels have a special place in our hearts. The Greta was built for the timeless classics and trendy finds lovers.

The "Something Special"

Vacation brings time to experiment with your wardrobe and add something special in, especially when going somewhere special. The Tinx is so special with it's tri-colored buckles and ultra flattering silhouette.

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