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Marina's Extensive Tokyo Travel Guide

Marina's Extensive Tokyo Travel Guide

Special Restaurants

Roppongi Nakaya

If you choose one nice dinner in Tokyo, this is it. Ask to see the celebrity book, it's incredible! Call for a reservation. 

Koba Yashi

Offering omakase at a modern art gallery space. There are only 8 seats, but it's absolutely worth it for a very special night. DM them for reservations. LINK

Gonpachi in Roppongi

This is an easy and great place—and price—for lunch or dinner. The restaurant even recreated the fight scene from Kill Bill. Walk in and you'll instantly recognize it. 

The Pizza Bar on 38th

This is one of the best pizzas in Asia, hands down. You'll need to make your reservation months in advance.

Drinks Bar at Tokyo Tower

Reservations can be secured 24 hours before. LINK

Drinks at the Park Hyatt

Modeled after a NY-style grill, this venue offers gorgeous views of the city along with live music nightly. 

Teppanyaki Restauant at Grand Hyatt

Great atmosphere and classic fare. 

Italian Restaurants

PST Higashiazabu

This is the best pizza ever! You can also try PST Roppongi 

PST Roppongi

Since reservations can only be secured in Japanese, ask your hotel to call for you. This is the best pizza you don't want to miss. 


This is Giorgio Armani's favorite Italian restaurant in town that's easy for lunch or dinner, when you should make a reservation. LINK

Cignale Enoteca

If you can get in, this is the most romantic Italian spot. Super homey feeling and no kids allowed, with a fun shop you can peruse while waiting. 

Gucci Osteria

In Ginza with Gucci's signature appeal and ambience. LINK

Traditional Japanese


Close to the Nezu museum, this is the most beautiful udon restaurant. Since they don't accept reservations, go (early) for lunch. LINK

Ginza Bairin

One of the best fried pork restaurants in Tokyo—it’s casual and so good. No reservations needed. LINK


Okie has great guioza, but they don't take reservations. LINK

Imo Pippi

They have the most delicious sweet potato desserts. I loved the Mont Blanc, sweet potato creme brûlée.


An authentic Japanese tea experience that we all loved. 

Ginza Kagari

Truly the best Soba in town. Ask for the truffle Soba—it might be the best meal you have ever eaten. Stay in line, it's worth the wait. 

To See

Kusama Museum

The museum beautifully showcases the works of Yayoi Kusama. 

Mori Art Museum

A lovely collection of art that's fascinating for both kids and adults.

The Imperial Palace Grounds

The Palace Grounds are beautiful. The perimeter is about 5km, so it makes for a gorgeous walk.

Shibuya Sky Tree

Offering incredible 360 degree views of the city. Best to purchase your tickets in advance.

Asakusa (Sensoji)

This is the main Buddhist temple that everyone goes to—it's touristy but still nice to see. Unlike the Meiji Shrine, the area is lively with lots of food vendors, where you can try random Japanese snacks.

Mi Pig Cafe

The kids had a blast here! Make sure you have a reservation, one is conveniently located on Takeshita Street. 

Takeshita Street

Takeshita Street is a must with lots of fun foods—think rainbow cotton candy, rainbow grilled cheese, and some very cute, fun shops. 

teamLab Borderless

An interactive art space that the kids loved. I would recommend going to the TeamLab Borderless located at the Azabudai Hills Mall since TeamLab is a bit out of the way.

To Shop

Azabudai Hills Mall

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, this mall has everything you need for food and shops. You must go.

Don Quijote

They have this store all over Tokyo, and the one is Shinjuky might be the biggest one. It's like a combination of Walmart, a Dollar Store, and TJMaxx! My kids absolutely loved it. 

Barney's New York

A real joy for me to go back and visit. I came back with so many souvenirs and gifts.


Hands down, my favorite shop in Tokyo. The one in Ginza has the best merchandise for women—think great tees, Champion collabs, etc. 

Tsutaya Books in Daikanyama

This might be the most beautiful book store in the world. There are three cafes, a gorgeous bar, and a lounge area inside, where can take a break and seize the moment. The Daikanyama neighborhood is beautiful, too, with lots of charming shops. Make sure you give yourself time to walk around!

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