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8 Emerging Designers Behind Your New Favorite Going-Out Heels

8 Emerging Designers Behind Your New Favorite Going-Out Heels


By Jamila Stewart

There are two types of people in the world: those who got rid their going-out heels for good, and those who are now finding any occasion to wear them on full display, even if those social plans only involve the local Target. In any case, we’ve all likely got a hankering for the anti-house slipper at this point, if only to commemorate the return to IRL events and all-night-long gatherings — because nothing says "going out-out" style like an extra 3 to 6 inches on your feet.


Up-and-coming footwear designers are fulfilling this sartorial need, leaning into the essence of playful, fun-loving “re-emergence” dressing, and the end result, of course, looks uniquely different, depending on your preferred aesthetic. There’s sky-high platforms for the brave and flamboyant, neon hues for the reformed minimalist, and imaginative plays on silhouette for the avant dresser.


Much like the modern-day take on Y2K-inspired beaded jewelry or indie designers reclaiming (and reinventing) knitwear, a wave of emerging shoe brands are beginning to take hold of our Instagram feeds right now, and in-the-know fashion enthusiasts are taking notes. It also doesn’t hurt that with a new, and frankly belated, appreciation for more walkable heels, many of these fresh offerings come with comfort at its core — all while making a major fashion statement.


Ahead, learn all about the brands and designers behind the heels that you’re going to want to wear for all of your future going-out plans.



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