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Meet Miss Larroudé, Erica Werber

Meet Miss Larroudé, Erica Werber

Designed as an olfactory postcard from your favorite cities, Literie Candles has the ability to transport—one of the many reasons we love them. So we talked with founder Erica Werber about scents, inspiration, and spending the holiday season in the city.


IG Handle:



Where do you live?

I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan 


What is your job title?

Founder and CEO of Literie.


Favorite Larroude shoe for the Holiday Season?

Favorite shoe: The Penelope Sandal.


What excites you about the holiday season? 

What excites me about the holiday season? Getting dressed up for fun holiday dinners with friends.


Favorite restaurant/dish in your city?

Anton's in the West Village.


Instagram Inspo Accounts:

@wifshbonekitchen, @clubprivenyc, @cfkinteriors, @tizielisch


What inspires you?

New York City inspires me. Whether it is a specific scent, or nostalgic moment, something iconic happens here everyday.


How did you get your start?

I started this business with a small idea and a supportive partner who pushed me to take a chance and go for it.


Typical Day At Work?

It starts with going through orders and customer service emails. I like to have eyes on everything that is incoming. And then I usually meet with our communications team and our designer to make sure all product launches are happening when they should be. The afternoons are fielding emails from our manufacturers and other brands we are collaborating with. I usually sneak in a workout (sometimes a tennis game) and a walk with my dog.


What is one of your biggest successes so far?

My biggest success so far has been the collaborations we have been able to do with other major and recognizable brands. It's always flattering when an established business wants to work with me on a project.


Go to Spotify Playlist:

My go to Spotify playlist is called The Charlie Bird Mixtape.


Fashion Uniform?

My fashion uniform is typically L'agence jeans, a cashmere sweater, and my New Balance 327s.


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