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Of Course This Jill Biden-Approved Brand Is Behind My New Favorite Boots

Of Course This Jill Biden-Approved Brand Is Behind My New Favorite Boots


By Eva Thomas

Cowboy boots are back in a big way — at least that's what the kids on TikTok say. And while you might be a skeptic like me, once you try my new favorite pair, you no longer will be.


Don't get me wrong: I am 100 percent here for the resurgence of this Western-inspired footwear trend, but it definitely took me a while to dip my toes (or rather feet) into the style. Kendall Jenner nearly convinced me when she paired her black cowboy boots with a silk dress, but I ultimately gave into the TikTok trend because I found a pair that I simply couldn't resist. 


The boots that converted me into a cowboy boot lover are from — drumroll, please — Larroude. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it's the latest label blowing up in Hollywood. The brand garnered major attention when Jill Biden carried one of its handbags to meet the Queen of England. Eventually, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanessa Hugdens both stepped out in Larroude boots, and when the brand offered to send me a pair to see what the hype was all about, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

The moment my eyes met Thelma (the boot!), it was the closest thing I've ever experienced to love at first sight — let's call this story, When Eva Met Thelma. The silhouette! The heel! The design! Judging solely on how the shoe looked in pictures, I had a strong inkling that this elevated cowboy boot would become my go-to. Once I received, unpacked, and put them on, it was all confirmed: These boots were my new favorites.



The leather was incredibly soft and lightweight, softer and more lightweight than any shoe I have ever tried, actually. And while I typically only tend to wear ankle boots, the mid-calf rise on these was a welcomed change of pace for me. Plus, the shaft is nice and roomy, making them ideal for anyone with bigger calves; tucking in jeans was also no problem. 


The eye-catching 2.7-inch cone heel is perfect if you want a 'lil boost. Plus, it adds a fashion-forward touch. I'm a sucker for a unique heel (aka, why I also love these Thursday boots), and that's why I appreciate the stable yet trendy one on the Thelma boot.


Comfort isn't lacking when it comes to these boots, either. In fact, the first time I wore them was when I returned to the office (for the first time!). It was a risky move, because I knew I'd be on my feet the entire day, running from meeting to meeting — and for those wondering, yes, I did bring extra shoes just in case — but they were not needed. They passed the 10-hour work day test.


I have styled my Thelma boots with everything from pleated skirts (my latest obsession) to jeans to dresses, and I can honestly say they work with everything and 100 percent earn the title of most versatile cowboy boot.


If you, too, want to try the cowboy trend but can't commit to a traditional pair, the Thelma is for you. I promise you'll love them.


As seen in Instyle.

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