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Fall '22 Campaign Launch 

Fall '22 Campaign Launch 


Shot by the inimitable Tommy Ton, the Fall campaign harkens back to the golden age of As one of the key, most pivotable steps in founder Marina Larroudé’s career,—and its unrivaled team—helped to shape her style, her work ethic, and her understanding of the fashion industry. 


Like Marina, we’ll always be partial to the barrier-breaking site’s bold fonts, incredible coverage, and industry-leading street style. Behind the lens of those celebrated shots? None other than Tommy Ton—Marina’s colleague there for over 10 years. So, it was only fitting that we asked him to lens our latest campaign, modeled after those on-the-street shots that made, and Ton himself, household names. We can’t get enough of these images that are a throwback to the early aughts, highlighting Ton’s unmatched eye for accessories and movement. 

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Larroude chunky funky platforms are AMAZING!!! Love Your Summer Sandals Love your new Fall DESIGNS!!! Do LOVE THE FUNK!!!!

Michelle Sharp

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