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Charlotte Mckinney On Her Health Journey

Charlotte Mckinney On Her Health Journey

The star of our Spring ’23 campaign, Charlotte McKinney is a familiar face from Baywatch, Dancing With The Stars, and too many well-known ads to count. But, McKinney’s story is both complex and compelling, revealing a beauty that’s more than just skin deep. McKinney suffers from a chronic bladder condition called interstitial cystitis, a disruptive disease she’s been battling for years behind the scenes—a journey that’s revealed both her strength and the strength of the community that she surrounds herself with.



“I’ve always shown a pretty picture and I’m ready to share a little more,” she said. “You can be the picture-perfect person and still have chronic illness and deal with a lot of pain, whether it’s mental or physical.” We couldn’t be prouder or more excited to have McKinney be a part of the Larroudé family and feature such an incredibly strong, brave soul in our next (soon to be released) campaign.



To learn more about interstitial cystitis and McKinney’s journey, read her interview with Sollis Health. 

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