Margot Robbie wasn’t a Barbie fanatic as a child. She’s not even sure she owned a Barbie. “I don’t think I did,” she tells me one morning over breakfast in Venice Beach. “I know my cousin had a bunch of Barbies, and I’d go to her house.” Growing up on Australia’s Gold Coast, Robbie spent a lot of time outside. She and her cousin would make mud pies. They’d play with trucks. And they’d play with Barbies. Mostly they’d build forts, “cubbies” to an Australian. “Building cubbies was what we did all day, every day.”


    After breakfast, Robbie and I skate over to the boardwalk. As expected, Robbie is completely at ease on roller skates. She took it up after she did a bunch of the ice-skating in I, Tonya, LuckyChap’s biopic about Tonya Harding, and that’s why she doesn’t like brakes. “I never had them on ice skates, so it would mess me up.”

    Miu Miu top and briefs. Fleur du Mal bra top. Larroudé roller skates.

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