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Welcome to Larroudé, the innovative brand that everyone’s talking about—and wearing. Founded in 2020 with the idea that fashion should bring joy and fantasy to our daily lives, our high-quality shoes are handmade in Brazil. Combining the hottest trends of the moment with unmatched comfort and desirability, we’re constantly one step ahead, seen on everyone from Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys.

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“Larroudé has always embraced the same joie de vivre that makes St. Barth one of my favorite places. For this collaboration, I was inspired by the candy-colored hues of Rosewood Le Guanahani’s suites, embracing the bright lavender and turquoise seen throughout the property."

– Marina Larroudé

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Certified by the Leather Working Group, the tanneries we work with are as committed to sustainable practices as we are, focused on reducing their environmental impact as we continue to collaborate. We even developed the “Larroudé cloud” for our customer, using revolutionary foams with high footprint cushioning to minimize the discomfort and fatigue associated with traditional footwear.