The QR code

    First thing’s first. 
    Flip any pair of Larroudé shoes over and find our proprietary QR code on the sole.

    Hover the camera on your phone over the code and it will automatically redirect you to that exact product. We were as amazed as you, trust us.

    The first time this happens, press the Claim button (it might as you to log in, we’ll wait …) voilá, the QR code is yours! The QR code is saved under your account, forever. You can always get it there. For registering you get $5 off your next purchase. 

    Have the shoe? Share the shoe! When someone buys through your unique QR code, you’ll get $10 off your next purchase. You can have them scan you QR code or you can just send them the link in your account, that easy!

    Like the shoe? Get the shoe! When someone buys through someone else’s QR code, they’ll get $15 off the purchase. The love just keeps growing. All in one snap. Thank us later.

    A Very Good Place To Start

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