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The One Boot Trend That's Worth Investing In Season After Season

The One Boot Trend That's Worth Investing In Season After Season



While we love discovering the biggest trends of the moment, shopping for the newest it boos every winter can be unsustainable (emotionally, fiscally, and environmentally). This is why it’s so important to invest in winter boots that last for multiple winters, help you lower your wardrobe’s carbon footprint, and hone in on your personal style. Of course, there is something thrilling about adopting a new trend, as our tried-and-true winter staples can feel tired at times, but shopping smarter doesn’t mean just buying black boots. There are other “neutral” boot options that stand the test of time—snakeskin boots being one of them. 


Snake-print boots are perfect for when you need to inject a little “pop” into any fall or winter ensemble. But if you’re not sold yet on the versatility and longevity of this boot style, keep reading. We’ve collected 14 ways to pair snakeskin boots with winter outfits. These ensembles prove that snake-print boots are totally a neutral wardrobe staple in the minds of the fashion set.

Kate Boot In Silver Metallic Stamped Leather


Snakeskin boots aren’t just made for the prime fall and winter days. They can be worn well into the spring.

As seen in Who What Wear.

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