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I'm a "Personal Stylist" for My Inner Circle—These New Arrivals Are Favorites

I'm a "Personal Stylist" for My Inner Circle—These New Arrivals Are Favorites


By Bobby Schuessler


My crew texts me on a regular basis when they need sartorial guidance. And let’s be honest. I live for it. Given that it’s my job to research and write about fashion, I love any excuse to keep that style conversation going in my off-duty life. I sort of act as a personal stylist for my friends. In fact, I recently showcased a sampling of pieces I recommended to my people from Zara, H&M, and Madewell. I’ve also made other shopping lists offering an array of new arrivals that I think will pique the interests of my inner circle.

Below, you’ll uncover a range of top-notch products that really run the gamut. I’m talking about everything from a few affordable, trendy basics that one of my best friends gravitated toward because of their versatile nature to statement-making accessories that just feel like they need to be seen.

If you’re shopping at the moment and want a little inspo, keep scrolling to check out an edit of the new arrivals that my friends and I were into and that I think you’ll love as well.

Marina Larroudé’s new line, Larroudé, is filled with playful and gorgeous pieces. These stunners are just ready for an Instagram moment.


As seen in Who What Wear.

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