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I'm Calling These Platform Heels the Official Shoes of Hot Girl Summer

I'm Calling These Platform Heels the Official Shoes of Hot Girl Summer



By Caitlin Burnett


As I'm sure you've heard by now, Hot Girl Summer is in full swing. With the country opening back up and everyone in the mood to celebrate, the Hot Girl Summer aesthetic is being embraced by the fashion crowd with open arms. This includes a carefree vibe, risqué outfits, and an overall spicy attitude. Allow our official Hot Girl Summer style guide to explain the background and idea a bit further.

The Hot Girl Summer aesthetic is accented by early '00s–inspired trends that are having a major resurgence as of late. Think low-rise pants, exposed G-strings, and belly chains. Thinking back to that era of fashion, there was one shoe style that reigned supreme: platform heels. Given that everything Y2K is cool again, it's only natural that the official shoe style of Hot Girl Summer would be one of early 2000s fame. So I'm calling it now—platform heels are it. To get you prepared, I've scoured the internet for the best platform heels for summer. Keep scrolling to check out all 28 pairs and to see how some of our favorite fashion girls are already wearing the trend.



This neutral pair feels grown-up but on-trend at the same time:

As seen on Who What Wear.

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