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Tommy Ton, Photographer Of Our Fall Campaign

Tommy Ton, Photographer Of Our Fall Campaign

It has always been a privilege to be shot by Tommy Ton. Through his lens, he captures bold faced names and street style stars as they hurry between shows. So who better to photograph our Fall campaign in Paris, as inspired by those real life models? We interviewed this Larroudé Journal contributor to hear more about his journey.


What drove you to start your career as a photographer?

When  I started, I was already very interested in fashion and different  aspects of the industry but I felt photography was my gateway to  meeting and networking with people. Interacting with people on  the street and at events and asking to take their photo was a great  way for me to come out of my shell and go outside my comfort  zone. 



What advice would you give aspiring photographers hoping to break into the fashion industry?

Always be curious and be willing. You can never stop learning and to always keep your eyes  open. Inspiration comes from everywhere, mostly when you least expect it. 


What was your favorite look/shot from this past Larroudé shoot?

My favourite was definitely the double denim Canadian tuxedo look paired with the slouchy suede boots. That was quintessential Parisian chic. 



Any crazy stories from shooting street style?

I just think the whole experience of shooting street style to be a crazy experience. You run around different cities all day visiting different  historical sites or rare venues and you get to see the most  incredible fashion. To be able to do that for a living, is crazy itself. 


What is your favorite Fashion Week to shoot?

Shoot Paris fashion week is always such a joy and highlight of the season. Everyone comes to Paris and the city itself feels so alive with so many fashion friends who come to celebrate fashion. 


What was your favorite show this season?

Loewe was a very special show this season. It's just a different proposition on luxury fashion and it's uniquely different from anything else show on the runways. 



What is your must-have item this season (or favorite recent  purchase)?

My Uniqlo cinch bag that I've been using as my  camera bag. It has saved me from back pain and also I have seen  endless amounts of people carrying it in Paris and New York.


See more from Tommy on his Instagram @tommyton

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