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The LBD of Footwear

The LBD of Footwear


Everyone has—or is in constant pursuit of—the perfect little black dress.

An LBD has the power to make you look your best and is a staple in every modern woman’s closet. The piece you can throw on in a pinch, wear on almost any occasion, and go back to time and time again because it makes you feel that good.

So what pair of shoes holds that same enviable title? The ones that always deliver, that put a spring in your step, and that never ever go out of style? One word: Nyx. We created this barely-there classic style because it’s the silhouette that every woman needs. It’s flattering, it’s timeless, and it goes with everything—it’s the LBD of footwear. A grab-and-go companion for dressier affairs, this is the pair you’ll always want to wear with that perfect little black dress of yours…or anything else you’re slipping on.

It’s empowering, it’s chic, in short, it’s the perfect shoe.

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