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By Freya Drohan

Larroudé teams up with Melissa

Award-winning footwear and accessories brand Larroudé has collaborated with Melissa. Available now, the collaboration is an offering of three rubber pool slides kitted out in floral prints—and of course they bare the signature bubblegum scent that Melissa’s vegan and recyclable shoes are known for. Of her collaboration with the Brazilian heritage brand, Marina Larroudé said: “Growing up in Brazil, Melissa was such a big part of my childhood—it’s when my lifelong passion for shoes and fashion really began. I have the most fond memories of going to the shoe store with grandma to get a pair of Melissas. I simply adored them and used to beg her for a new pair! They all had a special scent to them that’s such a strong sensory memory for me. When the samples arrived, the first thing I did was smell them—taking in the exact same scent I remember from my childhood.”


As seen in The Daily Front Row.

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