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Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure


The ABCs of Our Shoes

Design. Fit. Quality—the three things we’ll never compromise on at Larroudé. We created a collection with the consumer in mind because we knew there had to be a better, less expensive alternative to the shoes we’d been buying for ages. But the catch? It had to be comfortable enough that a woman could wear and stand in her Larroudé heels all day long.


Marina and Gabriel labored over the details to make sure they were creating a product that met their exacting standards. The collection is all about combining premium leather with our own groundbreaking technology to create a product like nothing else in the market.  


As Vogue excitedly weighed in at launch, “Each Larroudé style, be it a strappy heeled sandal or a pointy-toed loafer, has a matching interior (no ugly beige inner soles) and comes with memory foam lining so it’s as comfortable as your favorite sneaker (the wider last and toe box help in that regard, as well).”


We created the Larroudé cloud using revolutionary foam with high footprint cushioning to give women the extra padding and comfort they were missing…and craving. Designed specially to minimize the fatigue and discomfort of traditional heels, the wider lasts and toe box just add to the exceptional differentiators of each pair.

Designed to wear anywhere and everywhere, they’re just that good.

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