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Revenge Dressing

Revenge Dressing


Named for the off-the-shoulder velvet mini dress that Princess Diana wore post-Charles split.


Revenge dressing has long been a means of wagging tongues and turning heads after a period of being or feeling down. So who’s to argue that post-pandemic (or at least post-vax), we’d have a surge of revenge dressing, which of course includes revenge heels. They’re the pairs that you put on when you want to look and feel your best and show off what everyone’s been missing during lockdown.

So slip on a pair of killer heels (we like the Candy), slide into a mule that’s bound to get attention (hello Colette in blue floral patent), or wrap yourself in a strappy little number (Chiara, that’s you!). No matter which pair you choose, let these revenge heels usher in a season we can all get behind!

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