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Our Holiday Collection, As Told by Our Designers

Our Holiday Collection, As Told by Our Designers



Our holiday drop is taking Instagram faster than we can order our peppermint mochas at Starbucks. With all the fanfare, we think it’s only right to explore its origin story. Below, we chat with Larroudé’s design team — Gabi, Thayla, and Ale — about their inspiration for the two-part collection and each of their favorite pairs.


What were your biggest inspirations when designing this collection?

Our inspiration was the fashion of the late 1960s and early 70s. Our Flower Power and Polka Dot prints translate well to the theme, as well as platforms, which were popular at that time.



In your opinion, what distinguishes the “On Holiday” styles from the “For Holiday” ones? 

“On Holiday” styles are more fun, casual options to wear on vacation or on a trip. “For Holiday” styles are designed for the holiday season, bringing more sparkle and sophistication to this special time.


What is your favorite pair from this collection, and why?



Describe this collection in one word.


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