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Jordan Daniels

Jordan Daniels

Jordan Daniels is one to watch. The 5’11” New Zealand native has made appearances on Alexander McQueen, Valentino, and Off-White runways around the world, while walking for Khaite, Jeremy Scott, and Brandon Maxwell in New York. On her way to the top of the industry, we caught up with one of Larroudé’s freshest faces on what’s keeping her busy, where she finds hope, and what she’s looking forward to most for Fall.


If I wasn’t a model, I’d be a:
I would be a social services worker in New Zealand.

Most meaningful moment of the last year:
Spending time at home with my cats, and meeting my boyfriend.

What gives me hope:
My younger brothers. Seeing them learn and grow gives me a lot of hope for the younger generation.

Favorite thing I’ve read lately:
The Alchemist.


What I can’t stop listening to:

Essence by Wizkid.

Currently binge-watching:
All of the Marvel movies and TV shows in order!

Can’t wait to wear this Fall:
Gloves, knee high socks, leg warmers, and beanies.

Dream Fall splurge:
New Bottega boots.

Favorite Summer memory:
Walking barefoot to the corner store and eating fish and chips on the beach.


Inspirational quote:
Life is long, this is the longest thing you’re going to ever do. It could end tomorrow, or in 50 years. Do what you wanna do.

Dream dinner guest:
Nelson Mandela

Favorite IG follow:


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