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Meet Miss Larroudé, Rachael Phillips-Skolnick

Meet Miss Larroudé, Rachael Phillips-Skolnick

Name: Rachael Phillips-Skolnick

IG Handle: @baechael  

Where are you based? 

Los Angeles

What do you do?

The short answer is that I work in PR, but the long answer is just that, long. I dive into the world of events, working with all sorts of brands and clients, from fashion to music, film, and even spirits. My job involves building guest lists that vibe perfectly with the brand's style/aesthetic and target audience, I'm basically the person that oversees getting all the cool people to the party. To round it out, I also facilitate talent appearances and entertainment booking so that everything feels effortlessly curated and intentional.

Favorite Larroudé shoe for Fall?

The Stewart Platform in Black – this is my favorite take on the Oxford that I’ve seen yet, and I love the hardware. 

What excites you about Fall?

Living in LA it’s difficult to get “excited” about fall, but I do love traveling to New York during September and October and seeing the leaves change colors and observing the latest fashion trends.

Favorite restaurant/dish in the city you live in?

Monty’s Good Burger - Monty’s Meal. My friend Lexie own’s Monty’s and the vegan grilled cheese and tater tots are next level.

IG Account you follow for Inspo: @brendahashtag. Brenda is a true fashion girl, she loves the greats like Ann Demeulemeester & Martin Margiela, and she has impeccable taste in vintage designer pieces. Also, @type7 which is a design account by Porsche that features landscapes, architecture, and cars.

What inspires you?

I consistently find my inspiration in the past. Whether it's architecture, music, classic cars, or fashion, history has always been my source of inspiration. I'm captivated by the narratives behind fashion houses and the designers who laid their foundations. It's intriguing how many of these establishments have stood the test of time, often spanning generations. What strikes me today is the distinct impact of present-day creative directors, who often become the face of the brand, inadvertently eclipsing the brand's rich narrative. It's a delicate balance that I believe deserves more attention.

How did you get your start?

While it might not have been my initial starting point, I consider my time under the wing of NJ Falk, the Managing Partner at Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL), as one of the most formative experiences that ultimately shaped my professional journey. I gained profound lessons in navigating the terrain as a woman in the business world, charting one's unique course, and recognizing the significance of mentorship in fostering growth.

Piece of advice for your younger self / One thing you wish you knew when you were first starting out?

 It’s not that serious. When all is said and done, if, despite your tremendous efforts, the samples fail to arrive for the editorial shoot on schedule, or that one celebrity you were banking on for the event decides to bail at the eleventh hour while their ride waits outside, it's important to remember that it's note the end of the world. There's always another photoshoot or event. If you've poured your heart and soul into making things work, then that's the extent of what you can truly control.

What does a typical day at work look like? 

When I wake up, I look at my phone and quickly scan the emails in my inbox from the weekend to take mental note of what’s most important once I get in the office. Once in office, I begin to tackle emails and from there, my action items. Depending on the week, my days will consist of client calls, brainstorms with my team on guest lists or DJ’s for specific events, and traveling out of state for client events. The thing I love most about my job is that no week or day is the same and things are always changing.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you face in your line of work? How do you navigate them?

The biggest challenge that I’m faced with is finding a work/life balance, which I think many millennials are familiar with. I’m not a master at navigating this but approaching it with a "baby steps" mindset has helped me, for instance, if I can’t wrap my head around a no-work weekend then I compromise with taking Sunday completely to myself. My goal for Q4 is to start little evening walks around my neighborhood once it cools off outside.

What is one of your biggest successes so far?

In my opinion, one of my most notable triumphs has been maneuvering through the fashion and entertainment realm despite stepping away from formal education. My entire skill set has been cultivated through hands-on experience and through nurturing relationships I've built and sustained over the past 13 years which is something I am really proud of.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I love what I do, so in five years I hope to still be doing in, but on a larger scale and I would love to work on more creative projects with my husband and friends. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting to work with the people you love and admire. At the same time, I would love to have a baby in the next five years.


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