Milan Fashion Week was full of individuality, where every designer, from Prada to Moschino, expressed their singular vision on the runway. But through it all, a unity coursed through the season with (nearly) every brand adding a bit of heat with a hot trend: hot pants. 



    The trend was even spotted a few high-profile designer debuts. Peter Hawkings’ Tom Ford included hot pants made of croc, and Sabat De Sarno’s Gucci collection had hot pants that were similarly made of snakeskin in a dynamic print. One of our favorite Instagram accounts @databutmakeitfashion calculated that Gucci had a 890% increase in the amount of short and mini hemlines in their Spring ‘24 show.



    Simpler but just as effective, there were teeny-tiny shorts from Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Ferragamo—a more practical reimagining of the trend that may have a bit more mileage.  



    And because we’re as obsessed as ever, we’ll continue to reach for those ultra-mini hemlines. So, gear up for some tiny shorts—and hot pants—because we just can’t help ourselves. Life’s too short and so are this season’s bottoms. 


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