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Milan Fashion Week Trends

Milan Fashion Week Trends

Coming out of Milan, we’re *already* gearing up for a Spring that’s full of power-dressing moments. See the trends that caught our eyes, and the shoes we’ll be wearing to get the look.


Crocs, But Make Them Fashion

We love the texture that was shown on the runways with embossed leathers that add depth and dimension.



Strong Tailoring               

Taking the boss babe moment to the next level, these epically tailored silhouettes present a strong woman who means business.





Mod Squad

We’ve never met a retro fashion trend we didn’t love, and Spring’s mod dresses are no different. These a-line dresses display a simple shape that lets the shoes shine.




Turn Up The Glamour

Our co-founder Marina has always been an unending fan of glitz and glamour and the sparkling details on the Spring ‘24 runways scratch that itch…yet again.




Tiny Shorts—And Hot Pants

A unity coursed through this season with (nearly) every brand adding a bit of heat with a hot trend: hot pants.



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