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Meet Our Campaign Girl: Daphne Velghe

Meet Our Campaign Girl: Daphne Velghe

Bombshell brunette Daphne Velghe became our latest campaign star in an unlikely way. After being spotted by Marina at the airport on the way to St. Barts, it became clear she had to be the face of Spring. A pro who slipped seamlessly into the shoot, Velghe’s star is on the rise. Get to know the name—and face—who’s bound for super(model) stardom.


Daphne Velghe

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Where do you live (city)?

Tribeca in New York City!

Favorite Larroudé shoe this season?

I love the collab with Altuzarra! They shape is so chic and they go with everything!! I’ve been wearing these to events and my castings for fashion week!

Favorite restaurant/dish in St. Barts and NYC?

In St. Barths I love Tamarin, the setting is just so extraordinary in the outdoor garden with all the lights and the food delicious. In New York, I love Cote for a fun dinner on the weekend, Korean bbq is really great to share with friends! I love the atmosphere plus they also have a delicious fish on the menu for those who are less keen on red meat.

What inspires you?

Traveling! I love to submerge myself in different cultures, try all sorts of food, and meet new people. I think curiosity is what sparks up life, and keeping an open mind in new places can really broaden your horizon. 

What does a typical day at work look like?

I wake up fresh in the morning and try to spend some extra time on skincare before a day of work. Some extra hydration and a face massage can help a long way as a base for makeup. And I always make sure I have breakfast so I have energy on set! When I arrive on set/ backstage at a show I briefly chat with everyone and get hair & make up done. I try to always keep in mind the brand aesthetics and mood board. Being a model is close to acting. It’s more than just being pretty, it is also about movement, posing and  ‘getting in persona.’ I love a transformation! When we wrap a shoot or show I try to make it to pilates or yoga but if I’m too tired I’ll decompress in a hot bath! The best feeling after wearing heels!

How did you get your start in modeling?

I got scouted at a festival in my hometown Antwerp. I was so surprised as I definitely had no idea I had any potential as a model! I was very tall and skinny and thought I looked like a boy...I finished high school and University and then decided to fly to NYC for fashion week to give it a go…loved it and never stopped :)

Piece of advice for your younger self?

As a model, you’re never going to be perfect for everything. There is such a wide range of brands and models, and it’s all about finding your niche. Stay true to your own look and self and everything will fall into place!

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your industry?

The insecurity. Models hardly ever know their schedule for the upcoming week so it makes it hard to plan. One month you’re busy every day and the next it’s much slower, we never know! You always have to be ready to take a job or jump on a plane! I used to get quite anxious when something popped up last minute, now I have learned to embrace it!

What makes you feel empowered?

Being on set or on the runway! I love the moment when everything comes together: the clothes, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the light, the music, etc! It’s magical when you then see the photos of you on set/ walking down the runway. 


What is one of your biggest successes so far?

In my first show season I walked for Celine, Dior, Chanel, Armani, Calvin Klein, and Galliano all in the same few weeks. I just remember being so overwhelmed at that time I could hardly process it!

What is your fashion uniform?

Larroudé boots, a cool jean, and a shirt with an oversized blazer. Cannot go wrong with that!

In what ways do you believe the fashion and modeling industry can empower girls and women?

That anything is possible! I used to watch ’Sex and the City” on repeat, dreaming of visiting New York… Now NYC is my home for the last years! I also think that working with other creatives and being on set can feel quite empowering and inspiring for you as a model, but also as a business women for any other goals/ careers you want to pursue next!

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