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Larroudé x Lingua Franca

Larroudé x Lingua Franca

Slip Right In


We’ve forever been obsessed with Lingua Franca and their charming embroidery. Based in NYC and female-founded just like us by one of our absolute favorites Rachelle Hruska, it’s always been a dream to find the perfect partnership that would allow us to work together. And finally, that moment has arrived.

And the feeling is mutual: "I have been following Marina since her days at Barneys, and her Instagram account was a fashion treasure trove, always brimming with positivity and goodness. Whenever I bumped into Marina at events, seeing her made me feel instantly happy. She is not only one of the world's chicest women but also humble, hardworking, and helpful, which is the perfect combination," says Lingua Franca founder Rachelle Hruska.



Together, we’ve collaborated on this adorable pair of plush slippers that marries our insanely comfortable silhouette (and footbed) with LF’s whimsical stitched embroidery.

One of the best parts? This partnership shows women supporting women, and small businesses looking out for—and lifting up—one another.

The community we've created as been so instrumental to the growth of Larroudé, and that includes the fellow founders who have been with us every step of the way, since the very beginning.

"I am constantly amazed by the company that she and her husband Ricardo are building at Larroude. Their products feel fresh and fun, and their quality is superb. They approach every single pair of shoes they make with the utmost care and consideration, which is truly inspiring to witness and motivates me in my own production endeavors. I am honored to partner with Marina and excited to continue our journey of building brands that care alongside each other," Hruska continued. We're blushing.



Perfect for lounging at home, getting dressed, and adorable for bridal parties, this very special, limited-edition collaboration comes in adorably addictive shades, some of which are pre-stitched and some of which you can completely customize. Don’t blame us if you leave the house in yours.


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