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Larroudé x Favorite Daughter

Larroudé x Favorite Daughter



Larroudé is thrilled to announce our first-ever collaboration with Favorite Daughter, the contemporary apparel brand founded by Erin and Sara Foster. As two strong, female-founded businesses, it's a perfect match. Plus, we're beyond flattered to accompany the sisters in their first foray into footwear, though it certainly won't be the last.   

We combined our passion for comfortable, creative silhouettes with Favorite Daughter's knack for trendspotting and wear-everywhere staples. The result is a shoe that's set to become the most versatile pair in your wardrobe. The Favorite Daughter x Larroudé Sandal is available in black, ivory, and a show-stopping electric blue. A narrow kitten heel will take you everywhere with sophistication, while 45-millimeter laces can be tied countless ways (we want you to get creative!). Slide them on, lace them up, and go — it's really that simple.  

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