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Let’s Go Party In All New Larroudé x @barbiestyle

Let’s Go Party In All New Larroudé x @barbiestyle


It’s A Barbie World


We couldn’t be more honored to have been chosen to collaborate with the icon of all icons. Together, along with a group of other female-founded and -led brands, we’ve created Larroudé shoes and a bag for the Barbie, herself. Playing off of her favorite colors, silhouettes, and modern day femininity, we’ve reimagined our signature Dolly and Erin Clutch silhouettes in a playful patent print in the most recognizable bubblegum pink color that feels just right for both brands.


“When I first heard about the project, I simply couldn’t believe it. I grew up playing dress up with Barbies, and not going to lie, I would always lose their shoes and I’d get so mad about it! As a child, Barbie's style was glamorous, kitschy, playful, and extra. And those are the adjectives I use to describe Larroudé. So, this partnership couldn’t be more fitting.


“Everyone on our team played on our nostalgia—and excitement—to work on this project. On a personal level, it means so much to me that Barbie is embracing a women-led company like ours, working with female-founded companies like us, and donating part of the proceeds to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, which aims to identify actionable solutions and establish partnerships with charities that are helping to remove barriers for girls who face challenges beyond just gender stereotypes—an initiative we’re so proud to support.


“It’s a proud full circle moment for me, but this time I won’t losing the shoes.”

-Marina Larroudé

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