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Larroudé and Altuzarra Collaborated on Your New Go-To Pump

Larroudé and Altuzarra Collaborated on Your New Go-To Pump

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by Kevin Leblank

Marina Larroudé is on a roll with creating shoes that hit the ultimate sweet spot for every high heel lover: affordable, well-made, timeless, and above all, wearable. Her collaborations have expanded her universe, including two with jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, to include people she loves who allow her to see shoemaking in a new way. Case in point: her latest partnership with New York-based designer Joseph Altuzarra. Altuzarra and Larroudé have known each other for 14 years, making this meeting of the sartorial minds extra special. For his part, Altuzarra went full femme fatale with his desire to create the “sexiest pump ever,” working closely with Larroudé to get the fabrication, heel height, and style just right, in a way that melds both of their personal tastes.

The resulting shoe is a 110-millimeter sky-high pump that’s still surprisingly walkable (for the city stompers out there), yet instantly captures attention. It meets the demands of the Altuzarra woman, who is super-feminine and polished, yet not afraid to take risks and turn heads. The heel comes in a classic black patent leather and a dazzling silver that’s ideal for the holiday parties likely about to hit your calendar. In between this buzzy launch and prepping for the winter season, caught up with Larroudé to discuss the collab, what it’s like working with Altuzarra, and what’s next for her brand. Keep reading for her thoughts on sexy pumps and how to style them.


What's so special about this pump in particular?

In the beginning of our collaboration, Joseph [Altuzarra] brought the desire to explore new territory and create a pump that was sexy, with a silhouette unlike one we have ever done before. We were excited by the challenge, and sculpted our sexiest pump ever, distinguished by its elevated vamp, a soaring 105-millimeter architectural heel, and a lustrous black outsole that captures the light with every step. This creation marks a milestone as the inaugural product that we conceived, refined, and brought to life within the walls of our own factory. The culmination is nothing short of impeccable—a standout piece that fuses distinction with timeless elegance, destined to grace a woman’s wardrobe for seasons upon seasons.

What was the design inspiration?

For Joseph, encapsulating the essence of the Altuzarra woman was paramount. The vision was clear: to craft not just a must-have pump, but a fashion pump—one with a discernible edge, mirroring the audacity and panache of the women it’s designed for.


How does it combine design elements from both of your brands?
Our expertise in design and craftsmanship, alongside our natural feminine curves that epitomize feminine grace, allied with Altuzarra’s high-fashion sensibility. Historically, our insoles mirrored the shoe’s leather, but for this collaboration, we escalated the concept to an exquisite luxury black leather shiny outsole.


How would you style the shoe?

This shoe is great for cocktail dressing during the holidays, whether paired with short dresses or suits. I also love it with cropped pants and a festive top, or worn with sheer tights and min skirts. This style is a real showstopper.


You’ve collaborated with Jonathan Cohen and now Altuzarra, what’s next?

I have a series of designers in mind, from young Europeans to iconic Americans, and old-school brands that we can infuse with our twist to make them fresh and cool again. For us, it’s about being a platform to showcase other people’s visions through our design, manufacturing, and business capabilities. Similar to what The Camuto Group did for Jessica Simpson, when they started with a capsule that grew into a big brand, we are here to make dreams come true.

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