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I'm a Shoe-Obsessed Shopping Editor, and These Are the 15 Styles I'm Adding to My Cart for Fall

I'm a Shoe-Obsessed Shopping Editor, and These Are the 15 Styles I'm Adding to My Cart for Fall

By Eva Thomas

The idea of switching my wardrobe over from summer to fall gives me chills in the worst way.  But the idea of switching my footwear lineup over? Full body chills, in the best and truest sense Shoes keep me grounded, quite literally, and while I'm a picky shopper and rarely buy things for myself, I'll always splurge on footwear. Plus, I've sort of become known as the shoe expert among my friends and family, with everyone always asking me for footwear advice.


With fall here and the footwear switch in full swing (RIP flip flops), I've meticulously been curating my autumn shoe lineup. For a self-proclaimed shoe addict, that's not an easy feat. Why? Because there are so many good shoes making their way into my heart right now, including chunky combat boots á la Kourtney Kardashian, comfy Cariuma sneakers courtesy of Helen Mirren, and not-your-average Chuck Taylors because I'll always be a Converse stan. Some people say a haircut makes them feel like a new person; for me, it's shoes, like these boots that I recently added into my collection. They're bold! They're perfect for fall! They add an of-the-moment touch to every look. 


Basically, there's some sort of unexplainable magic that takes over me when I put on a new pair. And when I get the chance to buy new footwear, I take it. Here are the shoes and boots that have captured my heart this season. Buy one; buy all. Your feet will thank you for it (your wallet might not). 

Kate Boot In Ivory Leather


Larroude is the brand to know — at least Dr. Jill Biden thinks so. She carried around the brand's famous bags on a few occasions (which of course, sold out shortly after the sighting), but the shoes should not be missed, either. In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow just wore Larroude boots. I'm obsessed with these tall white ones: They pair perfectly with pleated skirts, culottes, and jeans. 


As seen in Instyle.

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