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I Own Too Many Shoes, and the Trendiest Summer Ones Are From a Jill Biden-Approved Brand

I Own Too Many Shoes, and the Trendiest Summer Ones Are From a Jill Biden-Approved Brand


By Summer Cartwright


We're well underway this Shot Girl Summer, and the fashion we're seeing — whether it be on the streets of New York, the grocery store aisle in Ohio, or the Instagram pages of our favorite celebs — is proving that the previous year spent indoors inspired some seriously outrageous and eye-catching trends. My favorite? The extremely high platform heels that the likes of Ariana Grande and President Olivia Rodrigo have been spotted in.

Speaking of the presidency, the one place you can go to for the cutest of these summertime shoes has the approval of Dr. Jill Biden. Usually, when you think of first ladies, you don't associate them with sky-high platforms that are practically begging to be worn to boozy brunches and nights on the town, but Larroudé, the brand that's responsible for Biden's go-to clutch, has the perfect pair.

The Miso Platform Sandal looks like something you'd frolic in while a Lorde song (the happy kind) plays in the background during your own personal coming-of-age movie montage. The variety of patterns, like daisy and rainbow, have that Gen Z-approved vintage look to them that can be both grunge and girly, depending on how you style them.

Though they might look intimidating, these summertime sandals are actually quite comfortable thanks to their thick heel and flexible strap. In fact, the first day I tested these out, I wore them through the night without feeling any pain.


 They're also the perfect statement piece that can elevate a normal outfit into a bonafide Look. Even if you're just wearing a simple white tee and jeans, these shoes will make you resemble an off-duty model.

This effect makes sense, seeing as Larroudé's founder and namesake is a former fashion director at Barneys New York. Along with the platforms, there are so many other pumps and heels on the site that can heighten your warm weather wardrobe.

Take, for instance, the Gabe Flat Mule. They're nothing like the name would suggest. Instead of a work shoe that goes with slacks and dresses, this style is more of a sandal. It's got the comfort of a Birkenstock but the edge of something you'd see on the runway. Not to mention, the black bottom and clear strap makes it easy to match with anything.

Another must-see is the Elle Block Pump in fuschia plaid. It gives off the nonchalant picnic vibes and has a retro feminine look that can juxtapose your favorite graphic tee or oversized pair of pants. Given the bold fashions of this season, this vibrant pattern has the potential to become your new neutral.

Below, shop more of our favorite picks from Larroudé that will put the hot in Shot Girl Summer.

As seen in InStyle.

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