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23 Up-and-Coming Fashion Brands Celebrity Stylists Are Loving Right Now

23 Up-and-Coming Fashion Brands Celebrity Stylists Are Loving Right Now


By Samantha Sutton

More often than we care to admit, a single celebrity outfit can send us into a shopping spiral. Whenever we're in the market for a fresh pair of sneakers, an A-lister seems to step out in a fun, easy, and surprisingly affordable pair. On days when we feel the urge to spruce up our basics, we'll discover that models are endorsing fun trends like pully tops or the throwback mid-section belt.


Our favorite, famous style icons always seem to have the answers to our top fashion dilemmas, but that's not by accident. Typically, they're working with talented stylists, who put together those spectacular looks behind-the-scenes. Those fashion pros are the ones who keep up with the hottest brands, and know about them well before they end up on their clients (and, ultimately, in our closets).


As a way to get ahead of the game in 2021, we asked a few celebrity stylists to spill on the best under-the-radar, on-the-rise brands we should know about now, before they truly explode and end up everywhere. If you're itching to give your wardrobe a boost, or are in need of some not-so-basics, check out the full list, ahead.

Her Picks For Brands to Watch:


"All of the leather from this shoe brand comes from local tanneries that are gold certified by the Leather Working Group, an independent group of tanneries and manufacturers that work on sustainable practices, while reducing the environmental impact of working with leather."


As seen in InStyle.

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