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In The Mood For: Court-Core

In The Mood For: Court-Core

Inspired by the film Challengersand the looks Zendaya wore both on- and off-screen—court-core is having a moment…and we’re playing to win. We have gathered some of our favorite tennis looks, that are both legendary and trendy. From Billie Jean King to Princess Di, we have all the inspo to make sure you serve a major court-core look.



Whenever Zendaya adopts a trend, it becomes a hit. Inspired by tennis, court-core has been around since the sport's inception. But leave it to Zendaya—along with her stylist, Law Roach—to bring this trend into the spotlight.

Serena Williams

Miss Serena, a grand slam winner 23 times over, stepped out in this denim number, breaking the internet. No surprise, the Williams sisters have been creating trends since their debut with style influence that extends beyond the court, inspiring both sports and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Princess Diana

Princess Di mastered the art of sportswear as streetwear, adding in classic designer pieces like her Tank Watch and Gucci sunglasses to make each look singularly hers—effortlessly casual yet classic as only she could do.

Anna Wintour

Without a doubt, Anna Wintour is the most fashionable tennis fan. Whether bringing Federer to Fashion Week or watching courtside, Anna always represents the court-core trend with her signature polished style.

Venus Williams

Like her sister, Venus famously loves fashion. On and off the court, she has iconic moments. Her brand EleVen’s collab with Lacoste—including the shoppable look here—brings an element of retro appeal that keeps court-core forever cool. 

Billie Jean King

A forever icon, Billie Jean King challenged traditional gender norms both on and off the court. Her bold fashion choices reflected her fearless personality, while her advocacy for gender equality paved the way for future generations of female athletes…and activists. Living legend.

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