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In Our Taylor Swift Era

In Our Taylor Swift Era

Right now, we’re deep in a Love Story with Taylor Swift. On her epic Eras tour throughout the U.S., Taylor sings through a Lavender Haze, coming onscreen wearing none other than the Larroudé Dolly Crystal in Lavender! And the fact that the shoe is named after one of music’s most indelible icons? Utter Happiness.


Needless to say we’re even more obsessed than we already were, and we will be forEvermore.  Marina had to get a look for herself when she took her daughter, Gloria, and friends to the concert in NY. This Sweet Nothing is more than a little something to us and we’ll never stop glowing because it simply was The Best Day. We’ll always love you Taylor, Forever & Always.




An added bonus? We spy our Valerie Sandal on rapper Ice Spice in Taylor's new video for Karma.


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